Crested Butte Writers Conference
Advanced Read & Critique Masters Class and Pitch & Pages

At the Crested Butte Conference, we do not offer the usual scheduled formal pitch appointments with agents and editors because we feel that they are very often unproductive for all concerned. Authors might verbalize terrific ideas, but the A/E learns nothing about their ability to write. Sitting through hours of pitches is most often a waste of valuable time, not to mention the constant unease of telling a person to his/her face that her brilliant idea isn't interesting-or that it's cliché. And for the authors it's often an anxiety-provoking experience and sometimes a waste of time.

On the other hand, we do want to offer our conference attendees productive opportunities with attending agents and editors, so we're offering two alternate means for the discovery of talented authors: Pitch/First Pages and Advance Read & Critiques.

To qualify for both of these programs:
  1. The author must be registered and have paid in full for the CBWC Conference.
  2. First Page participants understand that they will only be granted an appointment with the editor or agent IF the A/E requests it.
  3. The material must be from a mostly finished manuscript -- NO picture books, poems, short stories or any material other than novels.
  4. All participating authors agree NOT to approach the A/E to discuss or argue their advance read results. Stalking or harassing of A/Es will not be tolerated.
Pitches / First Pages:Deadline, May 5
For Advanced Writers
  • Participating Agents & Editors: All
  • For an additional fee of $15 each, each registered author may send in up to two 2-4 sentence pitches and the first page and a half of a manuscript(s) in standard format.
  • Pitch is to be single-spaced. First page starts 1/3 way down the page, double spaced, 1" margins around, with only the title and genre in the header. No names! Times New Roman Font.
  • The pitch is not to exceed 100 words and the excerpt not to exceed 550 words.
  • The pitches are anonymous. The A/Es will not know the identity of the author-unless an appointment is requested-then at the time of the appointment, they will know the author's name.
  • Pitches can be emailed to Ann Gordon (at [email protected]) on a first-come-first-serve basis starting Apr 28 and ending May 5. No late pitches will be accepted.
  • We will provide ALL of the agent/editors with a list of pitches and corresponding 1st pages of the finished manuscripts. All attending agents and editors will review the list-several weeks before the conference--and check off the entries that sound like something they might be interested in. We will then set up appointments for ONLY authors whose pitches have been requested.
  • You will be emailed, approximately 1 week before the conference, if an A/E has requested an appointment(s) with you. Exact time and location of the meeting will be in your registration packet.
  • If your pitch is not requested by any of the A/E(s), no refund will be given.
  • Sample Pitches that Garnered an Agent or Editor Request In Past CB Writers Conference.
Masters Advanced Read and Critique Program - Cost: $30.00: Deadline, May 5

This intensive workshop is an excellent opportunity to get valuable feedback on your novel and to network your work with industry professionals and peers in your genre.

  • Three Master Advanced Read and Critique Programs to choose from, directed by:
  • (Want to know more about the editors and agents attending? Just click on their pictures (or names here) and you’ll be redirected to their bios. Interviews will also be posted with each editor and agent, so check back often!)
  • Each participant is invited to submit a 2 page synopsis and the first 10 pages of a completed manuscript (both double-spaced, please), in advance of the conference (details will be provided upon registration). Limit 1 per day
  • Each participant will receive a packet of the participating submissions in advance, in order to allow participants to give well thought, in-depth critiques.
  • Each participant will have their submission read by the editor or agent directing the program they are participating in.
  • Each participant will give and receive critiques of each submission during the workshop.
  • Each program is limited to ten participants, keeping the programs personal and focused.
  • Deadline to Register for Masters Advanced Read and Critique Program: May 5th

Questions? Please feel free to e-mail Lori Duncan (at [email protected]).

Scheduled appointments requested by the agent or editor for the Pitches, will accompany the registration packet. They will be scheduled for Saturday. If the A/E requested and appointment and it is scheduled, the author must be there at the designated time and place indicated on their registration slip. If you miss your appointment, there will be no rescheduling.

***Please note failure to abide by the strict formatting rules unfortunately will result in disqualification and the loss of all fees. CBWC personnel will not help format or send back, improperly formatted pitches & Read/critiques.